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SuperSoil USA Soil Ammendment

Explore the wonders of ferrozite soil, a unique, native iron-rich soil originating from Sevier County, Utah. Known for its natural red color, attributed to the high iron content, this soil is an excellent choice for amending iron-depleted soils.


Not just rich in iron, it also boasts a loamy sand texture, an almost perfect Calcium to Magnesium ratio, and is nearly free of weed seeds. The 'SuperSoil with Ferrozite' is meticulously screened, ensuring easy spreading and mixing. It's designed to provide a steady, time-released supply of iron to plants over several years, promoting healthy, dark green vegetation.


This soil's efficacy is evident in the experiences of customers like L Nelson, who reported outstanding improvements in their garden's health and productivity. For more detailed information and to explore the benefits of this remarkable soil, visit ferrozite soil.

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