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Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg
Ferrozite Facts Logo.png

What is it?

Native iron rich soil, naturally red in color caused by the tie up of Iron, originating in Sevier County, Utah, USA, used as an additive or amendment to iron depleted soils.


  • High Iron Content*

  • Loamy Sand*

  • Supplies a Steady Time Release of Iron to the Plants

  • Almost perfect Cal:Mag Ratio*

  • Near Weed Seed Free

  • Mountain Soil

  • Screened

  • Easy to Spread

  • Easy to Mix

  • Iron will be Released for Years 

  • Makes Plants Healthy, Dark Green

Best Practice

Add Ferrozite™ by spreading 2-3 inches evenly on top of existing soil and tilling to a depth of up to 6 inches.

When Ferrozite™ is mixed with other soils, there is a reaction that slow releases Iron and other nutrients to the plants making them dark green and beautiful for years.

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