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SuperSoil USA About Us

We sell a variety of organics, wood, soil and gravel products to Sevier County and the surrounding area.

"Great service and the place is huge. Lots of options to choose from, like firewood, topsoil, to compost. Also a good place to dump your tree limb debri. Friendly service. We will be back."

 -M Roger


In July of 2017 we along with many other residents in Sevier county were hit with a devastating flood.  We tried to get help for the cleanup and future flood control from the county, but they responded with a 15 year wait for funds to be available. Knowing that we could be flooded over and over each year, we took it upon ourselves to solve the problem.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Every order helps us to clean up the flood and protect Sevier county residents from future flooding.


We sell a variety of soil and gravel products to Sevier County and the surrounding area. We have a beautiful red colored gravel product including: 11/2″ Minus Gravel, 1″ Minus Gravel, Pea Gravel, Squeegee, Sewer Rock, State Spec Road Base, Commercial Road Base, Screened Top Soil, Enhanced Top Soil, Fill Dirt, Firewood, Wood Mulch, Bright Wood Chips, Playground Chips and Fine Wood Compost. We deliver! Give us a call at 435-896-5670 or 435-896-7623 for pricing. REMEMBER EVERY ORDER HELPS US PROTECT SEVIER COUNTY!!


If you are in need of screened top soil, gravel, road base or sewer rock, give us a call. Delivery is now available. We have also added compost enriched soils and crushed rock to our lineup as of spring of 2019.

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