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SuperSoil™ with Ferrozite™

SuperSoil™ with Ferrozite™

2000 Pounds


  • High Iron Content*

  • High N, P, K, S, Z, M*

  • Medium Fe, C, CO, B*

  • Sandy Loam*

  • High Organic Matter*

  • Enhanced with Chicken Manure for Nitrogen 

  • Supplies a steady Time Release of Iron to the Plants

  • Almost perfect Cal: Mag Ratio*

  • Near Weed Seed Free 

  • Mountain Soil

  • Screened

  • Easy to Spread

  • Easy to Mix

  • Iron will be Released for Years 

  • Makes Plants Healthy, Dark Green



Add SuperSoil by spreading 2-3 inches evenly on top of existing soil, and tilling to a depth of up to 6 inches.

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